Dune Cuff 266A9607 copy.jpg

Dune Cuff

from 58.00
Dune Pendant calexandriaproducts75.jpg

Dune Pendant

from 56.00
Perfect Hoops 266A0005 copy.jpg

Perfect Hoops

from 36.00
Dune Loop Collar 266A9590 copy.jpg

Dune Loop Collar

from 48.00
Slither Earrings calexandriaproducts38.jpg

Slither Earrings

from 90.00
Dune Loop Hoop 266A9590 copy.jpg

Dune Loop Hoop

from 42.00
Slither Pendant 266A9888+copy.jpg

Slither Pendant

from 42.00
Micro Hoop 266A0028 copy.jpg

Micro Hoop

from 18.00
Dune Oval Hoop 266A9984 copy.jpg

Dune Oval Hoop

from 40.00
Snake Hoops 266A9848 copy.jpg

Snake Hoops

from 54.00
Hammered Dot Pendant 266A9681 copy.jpg

Hammered Dot Pendant

from 42.00
Dune Statement Dangles 266A9669 copy.jpg

Dune Statement Dangles

from 90.00
Threaded Coin Pendant 266A9688 copy.jpg

Threaded Coin Pendant

from 40.00
Dot and Dash Choker calexandriaproducts76.jpg

Dot and Dash Choker

from 62.00
Moth Bangle Screen Shot 2019-03-19 at 8.33.02 PM.jpg

Moth Bangle

from 52.00
Mini Slither Studs 266A9948+copy.jpg

Mini Slither Studs

from 38.00
Moth Ring 266A9787 copy.jpg

Moth Ring

Mini Coiled Snake Studs 266A9963+copy.jpg

Mini Coiled Snake Studs

from 38.00
Coiled Snake Pendant 266A9941+copy2.jpg

Coiled Snake Pendant

from 42.00
Slither Collar calexandriaproducts47.jpg

Slither Collar

from 118.00
Dune Statement Hoops 266A9704 copy.jpg

Dune Statement Hoops

from 64.00
Three Piece Stacking Ring Set 266A9908 copy.jpg

Three Piece Stacking Ring Set

from 52.00
Dune Ring 266A9696 copy.jpg

Dune Ring

from 34.00
Mini Dot Hoops 266A0016 copy.jpg

Mini Dot Hoops

from 26.00
Simple Thin Hoops Screen Shot 2019-03-19 at 8.33.02 PM.jpg

Simple Thin Hoops

from 28.00
One of A Kind Snake Collar 266A9980-1 copy.jpg
sold out

One of A Kind Snake Collar