Opal + Pebble Ring, Sterling EDACBD17-4D38-4DEF-8897-62E77393EFC6

Opal + Pebble Ring, Sterling

Perfect Hoops 266A0005 copy.jpg

Perfect Hoops

from 36.00
Micro Hoop 266A0028 copy.jpg

Micro Hoop

from 18.00
Dot and Dash Choker calexandriaproducts76.jpg

Dot and Dash Choker

Three Piece Stacking Ring Set 266A9908 copy.jpg

Three Piece Stacking Ring Set

from 54.00
Mini Dot Hoops 266A0016 copy.jpg

Mini Dot Hoops

from 26.00
Simple Thin Hoops Screen Shot 2019-03-19 at 8.33.02 PM.jpg

Simple Thin Hoops

from 28.00