Slither Earrings calexandriaproducts38.jpg

Slither Earrings

from 90.00
Slither Pendant 266A9888+copy.jpg

Slither Pendant

from 42.00
Snake Hoops 266A9848 copy.jpg

Snake Hoops

from 54.00
Mini Slither Studs 266A9948+copy.jpg

Mini Slither Studs

from 38.00
Mismatched Snake Dangles calexandriaproducts33.jpg

Mismatched Snake Dangles

from 72.00
Coiled Snake Cuff 266A9878 copy.jpg

Coiled Snake Cuff

from 48.00
Mini Coiled Snake Studs 266A9963+copy.jpg

Mini Coiled Snake Studs

from 38.00
Coiled Snake Pendant 266A9941+copy2.jpg

Coiled Snake Pendant

from 42.00
Slither Collar calexandriaproducts47.jpg
sold out

Slither Collar

from 118.00
One of A Kind Snake Collar 266A9980-1 copy.jpg
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One of A Kind Snake Collar