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It all started with my mom’s giant, silver hoop earrings... 

It was the 90’s, I was 7 years old, and I remember her telling me, “Those aren’t for little girls.” So, I snuck them from her jewelry box and put them on before the doors closed on the school bus. After feeling so cool, confident and grown up all day, she discovered my heist –– and I handed them over.

But I never forgot the power and draw of those silver hoop earrings.

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About Me

At 15, I started working for a local antique shop, preparing things for the sales floor – not only cleaning, scrubbing, oiling and waxing but also repairing and restringing old costume jewelry. I became enthralled with the trials and truths of all those mysterious objects. 

Now, I create jewelry that tells its own stories. As a seeker, inspiration hunter and creative rule breaker, I’m fascinated by what’s possible. I’m a textbook workaholic that tends toward boredom. I process what I observe in the world through the work I do with my hands, and sometimes there’s so much that my hands can’t keep up. 




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The Process

For me, there are no rules when it comes to creating jewelry.  I make what I want, whether it starts with a concept, a sketch or I decide to melt the sh*t out of something to see what happens.  I work with fire, I forge metal and many times, I let the materials and my intuition guide me.  There's no room for perfection in my process, because I want my pieces to look like my two hands have made them.  Everything is made in Madison, WI.

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Things I Can't Live Without

Elsie & Mike

My sisters & mom

A good cup of coffee

Thrift stores

My plant babies

My studio



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