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Jewelry Care

Store your jewelry in a dry place. Moisture leads to tarnish. To slow down the natural tarnishing process, we suggest a small ziplock bag if your are going to give your jewels a break for more then a few days.

Avoid chemicals like household cleaners and liquid jewelry cleaner for All you need is a great polishing cloth. We love the Sunshine Cloth. You can also clean your stones with a soft toothbrush, water + a drop of dawn soap, then rinse completely, dry with a soft cloth.


About Brass

Brass is a yellow alloy of copper and zinc. It resembles gold in color.  This will tarnish and patina over time turning a dark brownish aged color.  This look can be just as beautiful as the shiny new brass.  However, if you prefer your brass to shine simply clean it with your Sunshine polishing cloth.
Another note about brass is how it reacts to the chemistry of your skin. For some it can leave that green mark behind. This is a reaction of the oxidizing of the  copper on your skin. Everyone's skin is different, but it is harmless.
If you want to create a barrier between your skin and the brass, a clear coat of enamel or nail polish will do the trick. In fact, most costume jewelry is already coated in this clear enamel for that reason. We choose NOT to coat or plate our metal so that you can experience the richness as the metal changes over time.

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About Gold Fill

14K gold fill is a professional jewelers grade metal. It will not tarnish, crack, chip, peel, or turn your skin green. Under normal circumstances it will last an entire lifetime. Gold filled is NOT plated. 

It is a tube of solid 14K gold mechanically bonded to a brass or sterling silver base. There is 100 times more gold in gold filled than in something that has been gold plated. 

This layer of gold must be a minimum of 1/20th of the total metal weight to be called gold filled. The color looks exactly like 14k gold.