Around Here: it's fall


It seems I have a pattern of bursts of posts to nothing for weeks, I am going to try and work on that! Well this past month things have slowed down, I had finished art shows at least for a time. I decided to take a mini-vacation and just lay off work for a bit and re-boot for the upcoming holiday season. With the arrival of fall I feel the holiday spirit coming!  

(1) my feet in the fall leaves- love the red, orange + yellow
(2) pile of new hand dyed scarves- get them here
(3) trays of jewelry awaiting photography - I am trying some new things, stay tuned
(4) orange leaves & blue sky 
(5) my new marbled mouse pad- had it custom made via Vista 
(6) jack munching on snacks in the yard- festive pumpkins to be made into soup 

all photos via yours truly