Around here | Bridesmaid Dinner

I haven't entertained in a really long time, I was looking forward to hosting this dinner for weeks! With the cooking expertise and help from my sister we pulled off an awesome night for the ladies in the bridal party! We talked about the bridal shower, the bachelorette party and of course the bridesmaid dresses!!! It was really nice to get together and spend some quality time with friends. I feel like everyone is so busy all the time, its great to slow down, relax and enjoy good company. I really cant wait to host another dinner soon :)

The menu
Lemon Dill Salmon
Roasted Veggies
Mediterranean style quinoa
Moscow Mules 
Mixed Fruit tart
(1) the dinner table
(2) our little bar area
(3) the main dishes - lemon dill salmon & roasted vegetables
(4 + 5) table close ups
(6) my lovely ladies! 
(7) some mood lighting
(8) the fruit tart my fiance' Michael made us!