Interiors | thriftin' around town

Last week I headed to the Stoughton Antique mall with $50 in hand to scout out some bookshelf objects! 

I have been struggling with the small book shelf in my living room for a while. It has short and deep shelves, so styling it and or putting books into it is hard because most are to tall.  I kept trying things but it just looked cluttered and messy. I decided to color coordinate the books and add neutral objects. I like how it turned out, for now anyhow! 

Of course I also found a few more things within my $50 budget! 


green ceramic pot $15 | perfect for my jade plant!


green tall ceramic vase $12 | needed some flowers in my life!


brass tray $7 | something for the sage


wooden box $4 (hasen't found a home yet..)


mirrored tray $6 | bathroom organizing


woven basket of coasters $4 | great bookend and the addition of texture!