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The last style post I was ranting about wanting spring.. well its the same this time around. This floral A-line skirt screams SPRING!!! But, its still a bit to cold for it. I came up with some ways to wear it in the cold and not make it not scream "I'm wearing summer clothe in the winter", only whisper it!

(1) Because this skirt is pretty dressy, I tried to keep it as a dressy outfit. A simple knit tank, could be a thinner knit sweater too, mixed with a wool cropped jacket. I like adding a knit because you know its winter when you see knits. The Darker tones on the top half help to balance the soft pink pastels of the skirt. Of course you need to add some tights, and heels! (Tuck in this top).

Knit top, vintage | Wool jacket, vintage |

Floral skirt, Stori Anne Co

(2) This outfit is a tad more casual, you can add denim to anything and it will take it down to a little more causal level. I mixed it with a longer over sized forest green wool blazer. Again, darker colors help balance out the pastel light skirt. Add tights and heeled booties! (Tuck in this top).

Denim button down, J. Crew | Wool blazer, vintage |

Floral skirt, Stori Anne Co

(3) Lastly, this is the most casual version of the three. A soft heathered gray T simply paired with a long pale gray open front sweater. The mono-tone top combo is heavy enough visually with the skirt and gives a comfy cozy vibe! Add tights, rock this with tall boots or even some New Balance tennies! (Tuck in this top).

Gray T, Old Navy | Long Sweater, vintage |

Floral Skirt, Stori Anne Co

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