Interiors | Living Room Refresh

This room was fun and easy! It's my mom's living room and she was so easy going about letting me refresh her room with items from all over the house. The room already had these sweet pattern curtains and bold yellow walls. So I gave it a new floor plan and we added some new toss pillows, swopped out the coffee table and painted the fireplace box white. That was pretty much it when it came to the big things.  Sorry I have no 'before' photos for this one!

As I do with all clients I like to take them to the thrift shop (I go it alone too sometimes) looking for something fun and conversation starting. I also like to find trinkets and frames to fill with art and family photos. A house doesn't look lived in without family photos and art! 

These book cases used to flank the TV, this created a huge wall unit that was a bit to heavy on one side of the room. Moving them to the opposite wall and setting them side by side gives the room equal visual weight and balance.

A love styling book cases too, its a great place to organize your personal bits and bobs, family photos and books.

We fond this Coo coo clock at the local buy & sell shop for just $15! It looks great in the room, its a fun piece that creates conversation and adds a bit of vintage whimsy.

This chair is an heirloom from my great grandmothers, it was covered in red velvet that was in some tough shape. My mom and I took on the project for recovering it in some fabric I had on hand that matched the room perfectly! It looks like an entirely new chair!