Interiors | one spot- 3 ways

Classic and Cozy

I wanted to do some styling for my portfolio and thought duh, I'll use my own house and rob from other rooms to create three distinct looks!

The area is at the top of my stair case, its small and narrow so you can't do much but a chair and small table. The light is great so I wanted to create a little reading nook!

To create more of a 'classic' (but always vintage b/c its my thing) look, I keep the color scheme calm and light with a pop of blue. Mixing texture and patterns keeps it fun and cozy feeling!

A Bit Mid Century 

I love the bright colors and bold patterns of the mid century movement + all the metallic brass! The monochromatic color scheme keeps the bright teal the show stopper! Also keeping the objects minimal really reads mid century, its all about 'less is more'.  Mixed with the shades of green in the knit chevron blanket and the little suculant it really is a playful nook!

Boho and Bright

This last option is pushing the color to the max! The Mexican blanket makes this nook happy and fun along with textured table really reads boho and world traveled feel. Again here, mixing up the color, patterns and layers to really create that collected, lush, energetic feel. Add a stack of colorful books, a few plants, framed photos and gently places mala beads and ta-da!! Oh yea, and then "put a bird on it!" -Portlandia

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