Interiors | sitting room mood boards

I am working with a current client on a sitting/TV room. The goal is to brighten the space and make it feel cozy! 

The room currently has wooden bead board 36" tall on the wall with a dark green texture wallpaper. Its very dark 'man cave' or 'lawyers office' vibe. It also has wooden floors, so a lot of wood and nothing to break it up.

I proposed painting the bead board a creamy white and changing out the wallpaper. I LOVE wallpaper, and it is totally making a come back! :)

She also needed the loveseat to be leather due to allergies. Finding a leather sofa/ loveseat with a nice shape was kind a challenge within the budget. But I found a few. And I plan to keep looking! Shopping around it KEY! I also choose low pile rugs that wont hold a lot of dander. 

The first option is my favorite, I love the cozy boho feel! I cant wait to see how she feels about each of the mood boards!

Option two blends a bit of the boho feel with a more modern and sleek 

sofa textured rug and a wallpaper with a hint of metallic. 

Option three is a bit more modern and hip with cool colors and a sleek leather love seat. 

Mixing up neutrals and patterns in the wallpaper and rug.