Around here | Fitchburg Farms + Styling

This place was so beautiful! I have passed it on HWY 14 a million times, but until yesterday I had never been in it. Hanah of

H. Claire Photography

had an idea that it would make a great backdrop for some of her senior model sessions, well she was RIGHT!

We shot 2 of her 'boho' themed seniors (photos to come of those gorgeous babes!) in the green house here at

Fitchburg Farms


Did I mention that I do the styling for Hanah's senior models? Yep, yet another side project, it's my favorite thing to do honestly! ;)

Here is a sneak peek... shh don't tell Hanah I posted this, she hates me taking photos of her! 

This green house was so beautiful, the staff was ultra friendly and didn't think we were even that weird for wanting to shoot models inside the green house. They also has free coffee and a KILLER play list on the sound system! 

In just a few short weeks they said all their shrubs, trees and large plants will be ready for sale. Now they have annuals and tons of succulents. I can't wait to go back and pick out things for my lawn and garden boxes!!