Around Here | quick easy breakfast

I have this thing where I get into a food rut, breakfast for me for the past few months has consisted of 2 eggs over medium with spinach tomatoes and toast.... one morning I decided I wanted something kind of sweet but still healthy. This is what I came up with out of the items in my cupboard::

+ 1/2 cup steel cut oats

+ 1 cup boiling water with pinch of salt

+ 1/4 cut of raspberries (can be frozen, place them in the bowl first and hot oatmeal on top)

+ tsp butter

+ tsp brown sugar

+ small hand full of walnuts

+ a few craisons

+ tbs chia seeds

+ tbs of hemp seeds 

+ 1/4 cup almond milk 

How:: cook up the oats, add butter and brown sugar right when its hot, stir. Add oats to your bowl with froze raspberries on the bottom.  Next add both seeds, walnuts and craisons. Lastly pour a little milk over top! 

Have a great weekend!