Work | the Etching process

I have been etching a lot lately! Not only am I in the middle of a fab



Prints & Needels

I am getting ready for a hand full of

up coming art fairs

! Have you ever seen the etching process or set up? 

Well here it is in all it's janky glory!! 

The first photo is the tank it's self, you can use anything really, as long at you have enough power.  The tank is filled with salt water and hanging inside a clean blank sheet of thick copper. Opposite the copper sheet, the metal you are going to etch the design into, this metal is brass, bronze or nickel.

Then the battery pack! I doubled up on my D's giving the tank more power. This simply etches your metal faster and deeper. 

You can see on the 2nd photo the brass piece that is going to be etched is covered in the designs. 

The last photo are pictures of the pieces out of the tank and the ink clean off. Next is cut, file, drill, finish and turn them into jewelry!

The last photo and little video is what the water looks like after a few times through the etching process. The floating copper beings to patina into this brilliant aqua color as it settles to the bottom of the tank! :D