Craigslist Cool | Madison area

A lot of cool retro pieces on on Craigslist right now! I love the rolling carts, they are great as plant stands or a drink cart! The set of old school chairs are lovely, leave them as is or paint them!

Ok, this 10 foot table is bad ass, if I had a big enough room that would be mine!!

The retro 90's white bar stools spoke to me today! They look in amazing shape and I can see them as an interesting addition to a rustic style kitchen... crazy I know, but the juxtaposition can work beautifully when done right! 

Need I say anything about this fab green chair?!  The lucite tray table is super mod and glamorous! Add a cool tray and turn it into a night stand, end table, plant stand or drink cart! The last set of chairs are simple and sleek, I can see them with a toss pillow as extra seating in a living room OR the two head chairs at a modern dining room table. 

:D Happy Hunting!


rolling cart


rolling cart- brown


kitchen chair set with rattan seats


10' dining table


white bar stools


green arm chair


mod acrylic tray table


steel case arm chair pair