Interiors | home office mini re-vamp

Sometimes when your creative space is just calling for change all you can do is something small. Like hang a mirror (like I finally hung this one after months of looking at it sitting on the floor!), re-arrange your workspace items or add some new art! Before my desk as just feeling cluttered and chaotic. I wanted to freshen it up, I needed a subtle change.

I used what  had, and pretty much the objects and items that HAD already been on my desk in a new way. The mirror and new art work was key. I already had the shelf up, just a bit of re imagining was all it took! It feels so much different, its weird- but I like it! :D

And no new nook would be complete without a selfie in a newly hung mirror! hahaha! I was on my way to work rocking my new bellybutton kissing jeans! :D