Last Weeks Work

It felt so good to spend an entire week back in the studio since the Holiday madness.

I told myself that I needed time to recuperate, heal my fingers and my messed up back and neck. Taking a few months to work on other things ( the

Home Goods Shop

, things around my house and my

sisters Business

) all helped me take a "working break".

That was good for me because its next to impossible for me to sit still, and I hate the feeling of not accomplishing anything. So this was a great start to the new year for me! :)

OK, back to last week... I realized its time to get back to work, real work, bench work! With my first show of the season coming up in April and over 6 retail shops that need re-stocking after the Holidays it was nose to the grind time! I couldn't believe the creativity just flowing out! It was awesome!! I hope to keep this streak going...

This new mini collection " Curvature" will be available in the


this week!

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