so about me..

Hi! My name is Cire' (sir- ree'), I am a twenty something.. -oh wait nope, I just turned 30 this year- old fashion loving, care free Midwest women making a living

creating jewelry

. I am newly married, my hubby and I have one dog baby +  a

fixer-up house

in a lovely suburb of Madison Wisconsin. Yes I like cheese & beer, but no thank you on the brats!

This blog is the love child of everything I do from, making jewelry, styling people, traveling, interior design, DIY projects, creative directing, my

sisters photography

assistant and dabbling in some graphic design + any other iron I can put into my raring fire! My degree is in interior design so naturally I try and make everything around me aesthetically pleasing and beautiful.  I can't seem to help it!

I hope you learn something from the blog, or leave with some eye candy or something good for your Pinterest board. Anyway, I am glad you are here!

I love comments, feedback, ideas and love- don't be shy!



oh hey, do you want to work with me, collaborate? Shoot me an e-mail at