Work | Prongs and Shapes

This week in the studio I challenged myself with trying something new- prongs! Ok, after I did a few and got the hang of it I have become OBSESSED with them. I think I made over 10 pieces this week that are prong set. Now I have to figure out how to incorporate this technique into more of my work. I love being able to add a new technique to my tool belt; it just opens up so many more creative possibilities.

These statement earrings were a happy accident! That in my opinion is the best kind- these came about by rearranging scraps and shapes that were piling up on my desk. I have just set aside some stones to set so I started playing around layering stones and brass... TA DA! These fab statement earrings. I love how they look modern and fresh with a nod to the ancient past. Totally what

C. Alexandria

is all about. 

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