Midwest Wednesday | The Office

Well you will have to forgive my pasty white legs.. they havent seen the sun in who knows how long! Also as you know I don't work in an office.. I could not shower and wear sweats to work and see no one; shh.. sometimes I do!

This outfit was inspired by my friend who just got her real estate license (insert huge cheers!!!!!). I was helping her style a look for her business card and it made me think about office attire. I think traditional office attire is BORING and BLAND. I realize its suppose to be, but I don't think it has to be.

I looked through my closet and realized, I DO own a PENCIL skirt! Then I knew I had to do a blazer or jacket with it to look polished + you will pretty much always look business appropriate in a blazer or jacket. Its what you pair under the jacket that can make you look a little more fun and less bland.

I choose a soft cotton football jersey style shirt, but you can go with any graphic T! There is something to be said about a powerful first impression that means business AND has an air of comfort and ease.

Get the look with the links below!

Blue Blazer

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Pencil Skirt

$45  |

C. Alexandria Earrings

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$35 | 

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