From A Friend

A wonderful surprise from my dearest friend



We were strolling through St. Vinnies one day and she came across this book, I saw so much excitement in her face as she thumbed through pages. She was just in fact telling me about a macrame plant hanger she wanted to make but wasn't quite sure how. She flipped to books cover to face me, "Its the hippie makers bible!'.  That it was, I was envious of her find, its got it all. Everything in this book that once was in fashion then, is back. I seriously wanted to borrow her book that day. And start making everything in it!

Knowing how much I loved her find, she hopped on ebay and surprised me with my own copy!! I am thankful for such an amazing sweet friend like her. Now we are planning craft days to go through the book one craft at a time. :) Thank you Rose, love you lady! xo