Penland School of Craft | part two

Working everyday for 6 days straight, starting early, working into the morning was something I had never really done until Penland. I love sleep, boy to I love going to bed early, and waking up late. You think I would have been tired.. but the exact opposite was true when I was there. I was full of energy,  I barely needed sleep. I was just so excited to be learning new things and playing, no pressure to finish things, or make them perfect for clients, is was just FUN.

Ok, also the food... three square meals, good meals, so good. It was like eating at the Willie Street Co-Op everyday. Fresh greens and salad bar with homemade everything. Penland has its own garden where a lot of the food comes from too. There is kitchen staff but also the core students (living and learning for 2 years) cook and clean. Not having to worry about what and when you are going to eat while working is an awesome treat, I got real used to it! YUMMMMMM!

Our class was a blast, I cant really put the whole experience into words.. it was life changing. I cant wait to go back and take more classes. The spring schedule is full of awesome metalworking classes. But also wouldn't it be fun to take a class in a medium Ive never worked with? That is the great thing about Penland.. you need no experience, everyone at every skill level is welcome. I LOVE THIS PLACE!