Coming this Spring

I'm excited about the new items coming to the collection this spring! I have always been in love with stones, that much is true, but I'm also huge into organization. Well, I am mixing the two and creating necklace hooks with a giant raw prong set stone. Crystal, rose quartz and a fun mystic turquoise colored stone.  The process is just like creating a prong set pendant, but its scale is larger and engineering around such a large raw stone takes some creativity. See the rigging it took below to solder this holder all together.. yikes! But I did it, high fives!

I think sticking your earrings in a drawer is a sad place to put them. I have seen so many earring & jewelry organizers that can take up your entire dresser and detract from your jewelry. These earring racks are going to look lovely on your dresser and really show off your earring collection! Also a duel purpose ring dish/ incense holder. Mixing in with the stones and metal, a little bit of natural earthy wood.

We will let you know soon as these are available in the shop. I'm aiming for May. I want to make sure they are beautifully photographed before hitting the shelves!