Costa Rica '17

Well this took me long enough to put together! It took me a long time to go through all the photos, so many photos! In January we went to Costa Rica for a family vacation! I got to go along with my husbands family, it was a blast! I think Costa Rica is one of those places you can keep going back to and discover new things every time!

We started out the trip with

The Toucan Rescue Ranch

. It stated as a bird sanctuary and eventually turned into a complete wildlife rescue. We had breakfast with sloths and took a tour. It was great to see that all the animals that can be rehabilitated are released back into the wild. Oh and of course, I am totally in love with the Sloths, so cute!!

After the animal rescue we drove for a few hours and ended up at out first hotel just outside the city of La Fortuna its located by the Arenal volcano and rain forest. The air was so warm and misty, everything was always damp. But I loved all the giant plants and vegetation! I am a big plant lover and wanted to take all these Jurassic looking plants home with me! Also, fun fact, the first Jurassic Park was filmed in Costa Rica!

We of course went on a hanging bridge tour.. I am not afraid of heights, but for some reason I did not enjoy the feeling of a swinging bridge high up in the tree tops. By the 8th bridge I was trying to channel my Indian Jones but I just couldn't. I got on and off those bridges as fast as I could. Also only 15 persons were allowed on them at a time.. some people can't read. EEEP!

 Our next adventure was a bumpy drive to the city of Monteverde. This was my favorite city, hotel and climate. Here is was much drier then the previous city, there was blue sky and lots of amazing wildlife to see! We had an open patio in our room with a sign that read: "Please lock up belongings your don't want the monkey's to steal". Well, we never saw any monkeys, but we saw amazing birds and butterflies. This city was also one of my favorites for food. Costa Rica 'typical' (that's what they call it) food consists of rice, beans, plantains and either meat or fish. Its my kind of food. Also my new favorite drink, a Guaro Sour. It's a traditional sugar cane liquor with fresh lime and splash of club soda. Try it


Above a shot of out Monteverde Hotel, it was straight out of the 60's and I loved it! 

Below a shot of one of the hanging bridges in the Cloud Forest in Monteverde. 

Our hike through the cloud forest, that's Chuck + Patti, aren't they cute?!

Below was our rafting trip, nope no white water for this girl, Im a total wuss, I know. This rafting tour was a nature spotting one only!

Some randomness, Costa Rica really made me break out the only color in my wardrobe. 

I was inspired by the color of all the buildings, tile and flowers.

Last stop, the beach. We landed in Tamarindo a beach side town on the Pacific ocean. Man it was HOT. We had gone from the mid 60's-70's to what felt like the dry heat of mid 90's. But it was so nice to bust out all the beach wear I brought! This last leg of our journey was mostly about relaxing and eating. My two favorite things! The beach was gorgeous and I loved being able to watch all the surfers while eating my breakfast. The food at our hotel and all around the beach was awesome. We ate most nights with our toes in the sand.

It was a remarkable trip. Everyone we met, our guide, our driver were amazing! I even learned a bit of Spanish! The Costa Rica motto is "PURA VIDA"  pronounced like "puda bida' meaning Pure Life. They say it as a hello, good bye, how are you, what's up! I can't wait to go back.

Pura Vida! xo