Culebra Getaway

I got to spend the last of the rainy month of April on the tiny island of Culebra, off the main island of Puerto Rico. I can not tell you in words just how gorgeous this place is. The ocean, the sun, the sand, the plants, the people, the food, it was just awesome. For the first half of the trip I was so good at ignoring my phone, we had a little internet and a tad of cell service so it wasn't hard. I actual did relax! I even read a book cover to cover, that never happens. I don't even have the time to pick up a book. It was so nice for my husband to talk me into this trip and my in laws to bring me along. I know some people may cringe when they think about spending a week on a island with their in laws, but I feel so blessed that mine are awesome, I love them and I'm pretty sure at this point they must not think I'm to terrible either!

This is the amazing house we stayed it. Its located high on a hill over looking the ocean and two more tiny islands. At any given time you could look out and see sail boats and wind surfers. But I have to tell you a funny story about this place...

When we first arrived and opened the place up (it had been some time since anyone had been there) and started to look around we notice a lot of dead bugs and poo everywhere, and I mean everywhere! Floor, walls, lamp shades, windows... it was tiny little poo, like a mouse, bird or a bat. Patti and I started to freak out a little and though the view was beautiful, we almost high tailed it into town to find a hotel. But instead, we found a bunch of rubber gloves and cleaning supplies, we all started to get to work on cleaning the house. We found out later it was Gecko poo, I guess the idea of Gecko poo scares me a little less then mouse or bat poo. But I still slept every night with a candle burning in my room like a night light just in case.

Above:  is the book that I finished cover to cover. It was a gift from a friend I made through Etsy. She sent it to be just before I left, it was such a beautiful surprise, and a beautiful book about love.

Below: all 'dressed up' for our first dinner in town! It was so nice to just throw on clothes after the beach and just hit the road. Salty hair and sun kissed skin.

I am kind of a fish taco connoisseur. If they are on the menu you can pretty much count on me ordering them. I'm always trying to beat my home town favorite (El Rio Grande in Stoughton). I have to admit I found them on this trip, along with the most amazing outdoor view (sunset photo) and super yummy Puerto Rican Rum, have to drink it straight! The food on the island was incredible. Every night after the beach Patti would say "Lets go get some f*cking seafood!"- shes the best!

We went to about 5 different beaches on all sides of the island. I have to say my two favorite beaches were the ones we had climb a half hour uphill to get to, but totally worth it. I realized on this vacation that I am also terribly out of shape.. I was so winded by the time we actually got to the ocean!

Of course it wouldn't a tropical vacation if someone didn't get sun burned. We all did, Patti on her feet- the only thing she didn't have covered, Chuck on the top of his head, Danny his lower back where he missed putting sunscreen, and me on my legs.. I never put sun screen on my legs in WI! But the thing is the UV is stronger + the reflection of the ocean = killer burn, OUCH!

Side note- Danny and I learned to harvest aloe while we were there to sooth our burns naturally, so that's a plus!

It rained pretty hard the first night we got to the Island, as well as the day we left. Driving along the roads you could see these huge crabs just handing out of their holes waiting for them to dry out. We named these areas "the crab lands".

The last half of the trip I found it a little harder to relax, after making the mistake of checking my E-mail and checking in on the Etsy shop.. I kept thinking about all the things I had to do when I got back and that was the end of vacation for me mentally. Next time I go on break I plan on just putting the shop on vacation along with me,  AND I'm also bringing my hubs. :D

Above: The crew, me, Chuck, Danny, Patti