Baby Bump Collection

I was going through my phone and looking at all my bump photos. As 'hard' of a time,

- I say that lightly because I know there are women who have a much harder time with pregnancy or cant become pregnant at all and I am grateful for the pregnancy I had-

as I had from week 25 on experiencing SPD (pubis separation) which became a chronic ache and pain that grew more intense with the larger she got. I went to physical therapy, wore countless belts and basically couldn't walk or stand for more then a few minutes at a time. If I did stand to long I would literally have an ice pack in my crotch that night.

But when I could feel her move, kick or have the hiccups, it made the pain go away for the moment. Her movements were a constant reminder of what the pain was for. I look back on all these bump photos with love and happiness, Ive almost forgotten how the pain felt.

I'm also happy to report that the SPD has corrected its self after her birth, good-riddance relaxin hormones!

Cire Cross