Around here | wedding checklist

The count down is on.. are we ready?!
I think that the answer is YES..

Of course there will be unforeseen issues, things left to the last minute and more guest arriving then who have RSVP'ed, BUT, none of that is going to bother me a bit! I get to marry the man of my dreams in two weeks!!! That is all I care about, so if the cake it the wrong flavor, or the DJ is late, I am going to hold Mike's hand a little tighter and revel in our love and all the people who have come to support us. I'm so excited for the future. :)

1- officiant: check
2- marriage license: going to pick it up next week!
3- food: check
4- music: check
5- booze: check
6- dress: check
7- cake: check, Mike's making it, of course!
8- venue: check
9- flowers: check
10- rings: making Mike's next week!
11- the groom: check!
12- the bride: yup, still here!

I am probably missing 1,000 things on this list, but I feel like I got the important things on it! :)