our new/old house tour

So a week after my husband and I get married we purchased our first home. This would be the reason for my blogging hiatus for the past month and a half! Sorry about that :/ 

We have been working on the house day and night since we closed. The house we knew needed some work and we thought we were prepared.. 

When we got the keys the house was full of junk, it was grungy and dirty, smelled like animal pee, real bad. So you might ask, why buy this 100+ year old house in the first place? 
This house is a sure diamond in the rough and my hubby and I agreed we could give it the TLC and face lift its been so desperately in need of!

Week one check list:

-clean out trash from all 3 floors
-pull up all carpet 3 floors
-pull up sub flooring
-haul trash to dump
-vacuum cobwebs/ wash windows
-chop down over grown front yard