our new/old house tour | continued

Our house was built in 1892, I love the history and I love being able to 'save' such a beautiful old house. I am also very thankful my husband doesn't think I am crazy for wanting this house, at least not yet.. 

After we got all the trash and carpet out we had to decide what to work on next. We got lucky that structurally this house is solid as the limestone rock it was built on! The only major budget breakers are going to be the new roof and bathroom remodel, to be continued on those things.

So after that, it's mostly cosmetic, cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning, then finally some new paint and a lot of elbow grease.

oh, did I mention my favorite show on HGtv is the "Rehab Addict" ? Well this is our very own episode!

week 2 checklist:

-clean and vacuum carpet debris
-pull up kitchen linoleum 
-pull up kitchen sub floor + 10,000 staples
-counter sink all nails
-wash all walls on 1st floor in prep for paint
-pick out roofing shingles and exterior paint scheme
-choose 1st floor paint colors
-take off kitchen cabinet doors, prep for paint