our house | the living room

 After getting all the things on the list done it was time to switch gears into the FUN part, 
D E C O R A T I N G!!  
(or at least start to think about it..)

My lovely friend Mya, my mom and sisters have all pitched in the help get the endless painting on the 1st floor done! In the living room we went with a pale gray and white painted trim while leaving the actual window the dark wooden tone. This high contrast looks rich and custom! 
I really wanted the house to feel "clean", so you will be seeing A LOT of white! We also got all the floors refinished on the first floor. I love the fact we uncovered and saved the original wooden floors. We both like the character and imperfections left in the floor from over 100 years of use. Its charming and tells the story of the house!

Did you know they used to paint the wooden floor right around the area run and not actually every mover the furniture?!