Our house | the kitchen

The kitchen was a lot to tackle.. 
It was scary to decide to paint the cabinets. I had never done anything like it, I could possibly screw it up and it could cost $1000's to fix, on a limited budget, that made it even scarier! 
But I decided to just G O  F O R  I T ! They turned out better then I had hoped.

Then I decided to pick, basically black as the wall color, its called "ripe fig". I thought that was fitting for a kitchen color. I wanted to make the kitchen rich and kinda sexy. Since my husband is a baker and chef the kitchen is totally his domain, I wanted it to feel that way for him.
( Also secretly I wanted his apple green kitchen aid mixed to look sick sitting out on the counter! ;D )

The cabinets took a total of a week to prep, prime and paint. Then I found the antiqued brass hardware at the habitat store for $7.00!! Also keeping my eyes open for an island, I found a dresser for $50.00 at the local buy/sell shop, it's going to get a chopping block top with a pair of wooden stools. Perfect for coffee and breakfast!