our house | the bathroom

The bathroom was the last thing on the list, and of course the last thing to get allocated money for the redo (it should have been the first thing). The bathroom of my dreams is going to have to wait until we can save up to do it right, 6 months, fingers crossed!
Bur for now it gets a minor face lift:

- tub surround
- vanity (dresser I found at a yard sale for $40, reusing the old sink)
- sink faucet
- shower head
- fresh coat of paint
- sub floor & sheet lenolium :/ (we can make it work)
- lighting
- toilet 
- mirror 

Thank you to help of my handy step dad and grandpa the labor on this project is not going to break the bank either! The majority or the dirty work was split between two teams! Round one, my mom and I, round two my hubby's brother and his power tools + the home depot shopping expertise of my mother in law! :D