style | sequin pants

With Valentines Day coming up I thought what better time to bust out the sequin pants (besides New Years I guess...). Sequin pants or skirt if you are swapping, are a super jazzy attention getter no matter where you go out for dinner.

I have a laid back style, but I love getting dressed up and throwing on heels now and then. It's FUN!  These outfits all pair well with heels, go ahead and make them a fun bold color.


A sure fire way to tone done a little sequin is some denim (my best friend, seriously!).  A silky pattern top with your denim jack over looks like a million bucks but it is an effortless thing to pull from your closet. shh I wont tell ;)


A little warmer and cozy still- mix a knit of ANY kind, even pattern with your sequins and a denim (here we go again!) collared shirt under for some detail and structure. Throw on a big necklace and those heels, your done.


This one is my fav- a soft retro feel T, anything with a pattern or logo on it works. Add over that a structured blazer and cuff those sleeves. I see this with pointed toe heels for sure! If you want to get all J. Crew on your bad self, add a baseball cap!