Interiors | living room REFRESH

This year


offering some interior styling services!! I have been missing so much working on interiors, making spaces lovely and functional at the same time. So my family has let me use them as guinea pigs for a little web portfolio. Let's start off with this one:

My lovely grandparents let me do a little "Room Refresh" for them. We worked with all their big pieces and robbed items from other rooms. Then we went shopping for some small things like pillows, art work, some smaller accessory things like books for the fire place. 

All together this "Room Refresh" cost around just $50! 

Before this room was blue heavy.. the furniture, the art work, the rug. To me it seemed a bit drab and sad. A room needs a mix of cool and warm tones, more then one accent color, we chose yellow and shades of green in the plants and new art. 

It is amazing what a new furniture placement can do for a room. We removed her over sized end tables and swopped them for something smaller and less dominating. She really could only arrange the furniture one or two ways with those giant end tables.  Knowing scale and how much, or how little furniture that can fit into a room is crucial for making it feel homey, not empty or crunched. 

The room is well on its way to homey and happy! A am still searching for a few more things. And we might re-work the TV wall in the future. But all and all its 100 times better then where it started with just a simple new furniture placement, the addition of some new BRIGHTER cherry artwork, a mirror to reflect the LIGHT, a few more PLANTS for some nature in side and a different rug that was NOT more BLUE!

I am working on a website for interior styling inquiries, so stay tuned!