work | table numbers for rent (part 2)

After all the bending and soldering from round one, next was a whole TON of hammering... I cant tell you I know have muscles in places I didn't know existed! But only in one arm.. hahah! 

I also got to use the big ass torch in the studio that is normally reserved for melting metal for casting. It was a little intimidating, but thank you to Missy the master gold smith and metal making wonder woman, I was able to master the torch and finish the numbers!

The steps so far


1- make gigs

2- cut and bend wire

3- solder numbers into single didgets

4- hammer single didgets flat

5- cut connecting wire for double didget numbers 

6- solder double didgets togther

7- soak number over night in pickle

8- solder on posts

9- say tuned for the rest of the steps!! 

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