Around Here | 10 Reasons I love this Mascara!!



reasons why I LOVE Arbonne's


So I am definitely NOT a beauty blogger, but I felt compelled to share this one! 


he photo of me doing my own before and after is with just 2 layers of mascara, you can go crazy and get them super long and lush! 

I try for a more natural look, but you get it girl! :D


its certified VEGAN - this means there are NO animal bi-products in the mascara and Arbonne NEVER tests on animals


it is mineral oil + paraben FREE - these two things have been clinically like to estrogen dominant cancers 


it is botanically based- no chemical dyes or fragrances


it smells like LILACS- no kidding and that is ALL natural!


it has bamboo extract in it- this conditions the lashes and actually makes them GROW!

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here are NO plastics in it- meaning it is not water prof, but it is water resistant and easy to remove at night

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his mascara doesn't clump- even after a few layers!


the wand is great for getting even the tiniest lashed covered


it adds length and volume to your lashes


it comes right to my door when I order it- even the shipping is carbon neutral and the ink on the recycled box is soy based and chemical free!

Do you want to get some of your own to try?! 

You can get  "Its a long story" mascara here >>