Work | last week in a nutshell

Last week was a marathon week for both myself and my photographer sister


. I style and assist with most of her senior photo sessions and last week she had them Monday-Friday (tho Friday was canceled due to the weather). 

For me I also was getting ready frantically for a show on Sunday the 9th in Baraboo. So I found my self getting up and to the studio each morning by 8 then working until 3:30- then coming back to town to work with Hanah from 4-8/9pm. The week was long, super fun and rewarding though!

 But the BEST part was that I didn't actually have a show on Sunday... I had totally miss read the dates!!!!

Now I am in good shape for


next weekend and got a day to relax after the marathon. It all worked out! :D 

Photos- all snaps with my iphone on senior adventure shoots through woods, fields, lakes and more!