Guest Room/ Closet Make Over

The guest room /closet make over is almost complete!! I didn't have a huge budget, I spent $50 on a sweet Craigslist daybed (its needs to be slip covered still) and $100 on Menards piping for the closet wall. I spent $20 on two original hand drawn figures (wow right?!) and then I purchased my two frames form Hobby Lobby when they were 50% off to the tune of $50 for both. In the future I am going to have them properly matted and get UV protective glass since they will see a lot of sunlight in that spot on the wall. The rest of the room was decorated with things I already had around the house,  love when that happens. I think the whole thing came together quite nice; and now I can SEE my clothes and shoes! 

-- T H E  B E F O R E --

  -- A N D   N O W --