Midwest Wednesdays | Canadian Tuxedo

Neutrals are my go to. My closet is mostly made up of black, brown and gray with an occasional blue and green. I am also a huge denim lover, jeans, jackets, tops anything.  

This is a denim on denim look that is an easy outfit to rock and looks chic without trying. 

Once upon a time this look was hailed the "CANADIAN TUXEDO" - well not anymore!

The KEY to denim on denim is mixing shades, that last thing is to be in the same color on the top and bottom. I usually always go with the darker shade on the bottom, dark jeans have an automatic SLIMMING PROPERTIES. 

Now that you have your base of dark and light you can choose ANY color in the rainbow to rock as your jacket, belt & shoes. I choose camel shoes + camel belt. Its another FOOL PROOF trick when getting dressed it always works! 

I chose a gray jacket because I just wanted to keep this look earthy. Lastly, a hat and graphic tote bag for some drama.

What this outfit cost me:

Thrifted items- Jeans, jacket, boots, belt, totaling under $30 

New items- J. Crew denim shirt $95 (yea, it was an investment piece) hat $25 from Paris 

and the bag was new from

Prints & Needles

on Etsy $50

Copy the look with these links below- or go out and thrift!


$40 | 

Denim Shirt

$29 | 


$350 | 


$39 | 


$15 | 


$13 | 



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