Midwest Wednesdays | Evil Kneivel

This is such a fun, and for lack of a better term "whimsical" ensemble, its playful and eye catching. Now some people might say "oh I would never wear that" or " I couldn't pull that off" and then they stick to what they know. But I am challenging you to pull off A BOLD PATTERN- here's how to make it easy-

When in doubt go with a STRIPE or POLKA DOT, believe it or not its really considered a great 'neural' pattern when you are mixing. BUT, you don't want your outfit crossing the line into COSTUME territory- you have to tone down a bold pattern with a smaller pattern or a texture. You might think why not just wear a solid top and be done with it?

  Because when you add that 3rd piece you want to try and shy away from a SOLID on a SOLID unless you are color blocking. In this case we aren't, but we are adding a solid color jacket as our 3rd piece. 

The pattern piece is great to draw color inspiration from, in this case the blue and white striped lent it's self to coordinating with my Evil Kneivel vintage T-shirt with its hints of blue and contrasting orange. Now I know you don't need me to pull out a color wheel, but blue and orange are COMPLIMENTARY and that camel jacket being rocked is a form of that warm color. That is why this color combo works to well and is pleasing to the eye. 

As far as accessories, I went with a chunky bootie, but you could rock a killer heel or even ballet flats with this. A fun clutch, killer black shades and of course some C. Alexandria earrings. 

Now you try!

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Vintage T

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oh, PS you don't need to spend $200 on the j. crew wool jacket, I found mine at St. Vinies for $10.

I know if you spent some time looking, you could too.. or heck get the j.crew one, it is handsome ;)