Midwest Wednesdays | she wore black

I always feel the most comfortable in black anything.. its a comforting color, a great' Go To' for when you don't know what to wea

r and bonus, it looks good on everyone!

When dressing I use the golden rule of 3's-  TOP + BOTTOM + JACKET  (or scarf, hat, vest, etc) its fool proof in looking "put together" a "thought out" outfit. Not everyone thinks of adding one more piece, its in the LAYERS  and TEXTURES that make for head turning look!

You can easily pull it off too, yes YOU!  The easiest way to get started is to compliment or coordinate your third item with your shoes. Here I'm rocking black and black, so easy right!! Now you try!

Rock this look with the links below or with what you already have!


$13 |

White Shirt

$19 |


$30 |


$30 |


$28 |


$6 |


$129 (on ebay)